Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Art of Giving

As Thanksgiving weekend draws to a close, I reflect on the following passage:

The Art of Giving by Kent Nerburn (Letters to my Son)

Remember to be gentle
with yourself and others.
We are children of chance,
and none can say why
some fields will blossom
and others will lay brown
beneath the August sun.

Care for those around you.
Look past your differences.
Their dreams are no less than yours,
their choices in life no more
easily made.

And give. Give in any way you can,
whatever you possess.
To give is to love.
To withhold is to wither.
Care less for your harvest than how
it is shared, and your life will
have meaning and your heart
will have peace...

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  1. Thank you for posting this. quite beautiful. I have this written on a piece of paper in my room, but couldn't find it very many places on the internet :)

    ashley | Bottle Bell Photography


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